You are perfect!

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A new year ahead. And yes, 2019 is going to be super special. Time to rise, finally. And even more so: This might be the turning point for humanity. And for yourself. They say.

Yes, I know, there is so much everyone is saying these days.

I know

they tell you it is time

time to live your dream

time to work on yourself

time to move

time to become your best version

time to shine


Your parents

your teachers

your boss

your psychologist

your coaches

even your spiritual leaders


They say

life is in your hands

so go


make the best out of it

invest today

into your future

into your success

and please,

manifest wisely

otherwise it is going to hurt

book another retreat

clean your chakras

and make morning miracles happen


And while you are so busy

trying to get better

trying to reach the best version of yourself

trying to peel off another layer

life is happening

beautifully infront of your eyes

without being noticed


And while you are so busy

working your ass off

because procrastination

doesn’t lead nowhere

and in this life

things need to be achieved

you are working

against your true nature.


And while you are so busy

hiding your shadows

printing positive words over what you actually feel

pretending to be in a happy mode

because that is just what you are

supposed to be in these days

one part of you is dying

due to your denial


They tell you to move

and I

I invite you

to stand still

for just one moment


And during this precious moment

I spread my wings of love around you

to let you know

and to let you feel:


You can, but you don’t have to go anywhere

You can, but you don’t have to get any better

You don’t need to work towards your light,

you already shine!


You are amazingly perfect


Right here and now

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