The Warrioress Poem

Dear beautiful warrioress,
may you never surpress 
your true power, 
your amazing beauty, 
your magical intuition, 
your creative forces, 
your witchy wisdom, 
your holy words, 
your divine body, 
your divine sexuality, 
your power to create life, 
your blood, 
your beautiful vulva, 
to anything.
May you shine 
your light and your holy mission into the world
and never settle for anything less then your truth.
May your path
be blessed with beauty, abundance and trust.
May you trust in your intuition
which comes from the place of pure spirit
that you are
and may you surrender to the universal mind
that knows the answer to all your problems
and that will make magic happen in your favour – always.
May you realize that the hardships you are facing
along the way
are serving you in your favour as well
and may you be able to rise up again
when you have fallen to the ground
and if you do not have the strength to do it yourself,
may there be a hand to pull you.
May you be gentle
on yourself, your holy body and the emotions that are rushing through you
without taming the wild tides that are flowing through your being.
May you celebrate
your lust, your wild sensuality every day.
May you find that beautiful tribe
that stands by your side, holding your back
whatever may happen.
May you live the life
you are dreaming off
with all the abundance, with all the love, with all the health, all the peace and all the wonders your aspire.
May you be blessed!
words @Daniela Singhal

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