Imbolc: Hold the tension

light and shadows around blossoms

Seeds start to stir in the cold dark earth, readying to push up bright new shoots, the days are  growing longer, the sap starts to move through the winter-rested branches seeping life into still-tight buds, our winter dreams and plans for 2019 are starting to take shape and fill our calendars.

Imbolc is a time of tension. The moment before the leap. The waking as the silent rested winter earth stirs in the light of the almost spring.
Hibernating animals peep out of their nests or hideaways. And the soft crisp light of February strokes the land alive.

sprouting shoot in greenThe tension between the still earth, the real, and the light from the sun pulling at our visions of blooming summers, possible projects, dreams of what might become. We stand in the reflections and realisations of the colder quieter months and see the potentials of the warmer times to come. Understand where we are and feel the pull of where we wish to be, just as the seeds in the earth start to strain towards the whispering warmth of the sun on the soil.

And this is not a time to act rashly. To react. But to hold the tension. Feel the fear. Face our crises and be radically honest with ourselves about where we stand. The journey of a thousand steps starts with the first, and we cannot move forward without knowing where we are.

Climate change, political conflict, social inequality, the possible revoke of nuclear peace, floodings, earthquakes, institutionalized terrorism. In many ways humanity has never been richer, more technologically advanced, educated and informed, healthy and even peaceful than ever before.
It is not a lack of resources or information that prevents enough people from acting against climate change, social injustice and our world problems but something else. Willful ignorance, denial and lack of political interest, unconscious fear.

Light streaks through trees in a dark forestSo as we stand on the cusp of a new spring it’s time to hold the tension. Feel the fear, let it’s creative coils take hold and inspire us to find new solutions, new paths, new strategies, new projects, colleagues and allies, new roots and shoots, branches and fruits.

Imbolc is the time we stand on the earth and feel that draw to the sky. It’s easy to follow the old paths, but the old paths lead us nowhere new. Holding the tension can burst new buds and grow new branches bringing us more fruits than ever before.

Greta Thunberg, 15 year old climate activist – facing and speaking out uncomfortable truths…

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