I see you

My dear,

don’ t you worry,

because I see you.

Yes, I see you.

I truly see you, my dear.

I see you

beyond the surface of your skin, the colour of your eyes and the style and size of your clothes

I see you

beyond the wrinkles that start showing, when you laugh and the scars on your belly and your heart that you try to hide.

I see you

beyond the mask of make up and all the layers of happy moods you put on because you fear that when someone sees how broke you feel at times,

they will not like you, they will not love you anymore,

I see you

beyond all the stories that have shaped your life so far.

And yes, I see you

beyond all sadness and all the anger that you surpress,

because you want to be an easy to deal with person,

because you want to be loved.

I see you

beyond your attempt to keep everything under control, your career and your glorious CV, all the things you are trying to achieve and the jokes you tell to hide your insecurity.

I see you

beyond all the stories and all the break downs that have brought you here and are yet to come and all the shattered dreams and the once you are still hoping fort o become true.

I see you

beyond you holding your guts together, being strong for your children, because you think that’s what you are supposed to do.

I see you

beyond all the times you are not wanting to be seen, because you feel ashamed of how you look or how you feel.

I see you

even beyond all the pain that sometimes flushes out of your eyes in endless streams of tears, when you are unseen.

I see you

beyond all the times you very hoping and praying for love and ended broken- hearted

I see you

beyond you trying to make sense to this life of yours and your fear for it to end

I see you

beyond everything that you thought or think you are or should be.

I see you,

my dear,

in all your pure and radiant and divine beauty,

with all the love you have

with all the love you are.

No matter what,

I see you.


And I hope

that someday

you will get to see

your Self

as well.


by Jela


Foto: Freestock

Kategorie Empowerment, Healing, Sisterhood

Daniela ist multidimensionale Künstlerin, Visionärin und Empowerment-Coach. Sie begleitet Menschen auf ihrem Weg zu Erkenntnis, Sichtbarkeit und Größe. Sie gibt deutschlandweit Workshops und bietet Einzel-Coaching an. Sie lebt mit ihrer Familie in Bad Belzig.

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