Sing the song

Dear warrioress, dear warrior,

Thank you for joining us at Leuchtende Kriegerin as we take root and spread our wings on this journey into a new culture. We’re warrioresses fighting the shadows for a culture of ever-expanding love and mutual empowerment of women, men, and all those in between or beyond, and we’re here to inspire, connect, reflect and pollinate this movement.

This weekend we’re taking our own LK seedling, Mondkraft, to Xperience Festival where we hope to plant some inspiration for a positive bleeding culture, and to interview the incredible wild femme activist folk duo Rising Appalachia.

Music is a big part of both Daniela’s and my life and an incredible tool for cultural change. To use the words of wicca activist and elder Starhawk:

„Consciousness is the most stubborn substance in the cosmos, and the most fluid. It can be rigid as concrete and it can change in an instant. A song can change it, or a story, or a fragrance wafting by on the wind.“

We intend to sing the songs, share the stories and hint at the fragrances of new culture in every way we can, and a song which touched both of us deeply on our path emerged from a warrioress from my own homeland: Here is a tribute to English folk singer and shamanin Boe Huntress’s Green Dragon.

And to whet your appetite for what’s coming, here’s a gift channeled from Rising Appalachia that has kept us going through this journey to birth Leuchtende Kriegerin!

This is just the beginning and we’ve got loads of things we’re bursting to share so stay tuned…

With love

Artemis for Leuchtende Kriegerin

Foto @seanquinlan – free source

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